We all want to thrive.

We want to

  • Live a more balanced life.
  • Live in alignment with our values.
  • Use our gifts and talents to bless others.
  • Be a better version of ourselves.

But figuring out how to do that can be difficult and overwhelming. Where do we begin? What do we do first?

I’m Crystal Wagner, and I help women discover their next step in living a thriving life.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy, though. You might need to learn something new, try something you’ve never done before, and step outside of your comfort zone. I know I have!

When I take the first step in obedience, I am continually amazed at how God is faithful to guide me on my journey and walks with me every step of the way.

You can thrive too!

I’d love to walk alongside you as you experience the growth and fulfillment God desires for you.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey of living a thriving life? Let’s chat and determine your next best step.

A few dreams I have pursued include:

  • Attaining my Master of Accountancy degree in 4.5 years. (Yes, a little crazy, but I wanted to graduate when my husband did.)
  • Working in the corporate offices of an international manufacturing company as a planning and forecasting analyst.
  • Working for our church as the business administrator.
  • Leaving the 9-5 workforce to become a stay-at-home mom.
  • Directing a handbell choir and playing handbells in a community handbell group.
  • Homeschooling our two daughters from K-12.
  • Starting multiple online businesses.
  • Self-publishing books, resources, and courses.
  • Speaking at events across the nation.
  • Hosting a podcast.
  • Becoming a certified life coach.

But I didn’t pursue those dreams all at once. It has been an ever-evolving process as I learned more about myself, clarified my mission, and leaned in to discern God’s vision for my life.

Along the way, I encountered obstacles, including limiting mindsets and beliefs. As I worked with my coach, I realized that overcoming the roadblocks is part of the journey. The goal is not to “arrive” but to grow in character and become a better version of myself as I step closer to my goal.

You can thrive!

What’s holding you back?

Let’s chat and determine your best next step!

Step 1: Take a deep breath.

Step 2: Imagine what is possible.

Step 3: Design an action plan to achieve your dream.