Are you ready to develop deeper relationships with your children?

Connect with your children in five minutes a day by asking them these five questions. You’ll hear their heart, earn their trust, and help them process their day. PLUS, you can watch a video of helpful tips for implementing it in your home.


  • Key points to keep in mind so that your children will be more likely to open up and talk with you.
  • Tips for helping your children think through the questions so they can process their day.
  • Suggestions for putting your own spin on this powerful tool so that it works for your unique family situation.
  • How to make time for the Nightly Five so you don’t feel like it’s one more thing on your to-do list.
  • What to do if your children resist and don’t want to participate.

Hey there! I’m Crystal, a mama of two daughters.

I know how challenging it is to deal with all of the demands of managing family life, investing in your relationship with your spouse and children, and finding time for yourself.

That’s why my mission is to help you cultivate a thriving home atmosphere. Your family can do more than survive. It can thrive! 

Are you ready to invest in your relationship with your children?

Download the Nightly Five PDF and learn five questions you can ask your children to hear their hearts, earn their trust, and help them process their day.

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