Are you ready to move past survival mode?

In the Take Back Your Day Challenge, you’ll learn a simple time management strategy to get control of your days!

Finally, take control of your homeschool days. Learn five simple strategies to help you manage the demands of being a homeschool parent.

What is the Take Back Your Day Challenge?

A 5-day email series sharing my top five tips for getting your day under control. You’ll learn:

  • Why you don’t need the perfect planner and the one thing you should do every day. (Don’t worry, it only takes five minutes!)
  • How you can stop being “busy, busy, busy” like the rest of the world.
  • How to set boundaries and say no so that your calendar isn’t so full and you can enjoy a day at home.
  • The four-step process I use to teach my children new chores and skills so they can assume some of the responsibility for maintaining our home.

Hey there! I’m Crystal, a mom of two daughters.

I remember the days I was exhausted and overwhelmed by the millions of domestic tasks demanding my attention.

But then I learned some tricks to get my days back on track. My life and responsibilities no longer control me. Instead, I live intentionally and have time for one of my top priorities – my family.

My mission is simple – to help you get control of your days so you have more time for what matters most to you!

Ready to take back your day?

Start the 5-day email challenge and get your days back on track.

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