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What Others Are Saying

  • Jayne M.

    Like a rich stock, Crystal takes ideas and simmers them down into an easily digestible form where they are easy to understand and implement. To listen to Crystal speak is to dip from the pot of her hours of research and insight for a very pleasant and practical meal.

  • Laura K.

    I just wanted to say what a joy it was to be in your workshops and learn from your wisdom. You had some refreshing ideas that I plan to implement in my home.

  • Susan Chrismansusanchrisman.com

    Crystal Wagner is a delightful speaker with a relevant and inspiring message for parents. She has an engaging style and offers practical application to the ideas she presents.

Seminars and Conferences

Parenting Lifeline: A Coach Approach to Parenting Teens

Do you feel as if you are drowning in a sea of hormones, attitudes, and uncertainty as you navigate the tumultuous teenage years with your children? You are not alone! Learn how to use a coach approach to parenting teens to improve your relationship, get your teens to talk to you, and cultivate a thriving home atmosphere. Through the Parenting Lifeline sessions, you will learn new skills and strategies to not only survive these challenging years but thrive and build deeper relationships with your children.

This is a weekend retreat or three one-and-a-half-hour sessions.

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A strong relationship with your teen is the cornerstone for having influence in his or her life. Parenting and developing a relationship with teenagers requires a different approach than when they were young. We’ll explore what a mentoring and coaching approach might look like and discuss practical steps you can take to build and strengthen your relationship with your teen.

Does it seem like your teen clams up when you ask a question? There is a proven technique you can use to get your teen to talk to you. We’ll discuss how to help your children feel heard, understood, and loved. As you use this technique with your children (and others!), you’ll see the walls between you fall down. You’ll increase your influence in their lives as you learn to communicate with each other more effectively.

We want our homes to be a place of refuge for our family. But in today’s fast-paced society, how can we create a thriving home atmosphere that allows everyone to achieve their God-given potential with less stress? We’ll work through exercises to help you identify the atmosphere you want to have in your home and discuss two practical ways to begin cultivating your vision.

Write Your Mission Statement Guided Work Session

A mission statement becomes your decision-making framework, allowing you to make decisions with confidence and clarity. At the end of this guided work session, you will have a draft of your mission statement to guide you in living an intentional and purposeful life. You can work on your personal, family, or homeschool mission statement.

This is a two-hour session or two one-hour sessions.

Workshops and Keynotes

What’s your story?

Stories have power. Stories can transform lives, but they can also keep us stuck and prevent us from living out our purpose. It is possible to rewrite your story and live a more fulfilling life with confidence and purpose! Learn how to identify the elements of your current story and cast a vision of the story you want to be living. Become an editor who turns an ordinary story into one that inspires and encourages others.

Lesson Plans For Learning To Listening

One subject is missing from almost every curriculum: listening! Very few people are taught how to listen, and yet, most people crave to have someone truly listen to them. They want to be heard and understood. It’s never too late to develop this transformative skill! Discover what it means to listen and how to learn the art and science of listening. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a lesson plan so you can become a better listener today.

Influence Factor: Navigate The Teenage Years With Grace And Joy

Many parents feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about the pre-teen and teenage years, but you don’t have to fear this important milestone transition. As you learn to let go of control and allow your teen to take the reigns, your influence in their life will rise. Learn how your teen’s brain works and how your role changes during these roller-coaster years. Discover how to help your child navigate the teenage years with fewer conflicts and without losing your sanity. This workshop is for parents in the throes of the teenage years and those wanting to prepare for the pre-teen and teenage years.

Create An Atmosphere Where Children Thrive

Even though there is no guaranteed step-by-step guide or formula for raising children, there are key elements that will help you create an atmosphere where your children can thrive. Learn how to create more margin in your weekly schedule in order to foster curiosity and creativity. Discover how to get your children excited about learning and encourage them to take responsibility for their own education. Learn how to create a relaxed, inviting, and forgiving atmosphere where learning happens naturally.

Connect With Your Children Through Five Simple Questions

In today’s fast-paced society, it is difficult to find time for everything we need and want to do, including connecting with our children. Even though we may value having a good relationship with our children, we have to be intentional to make time to develop it. Learn how to ask your children five simple questions that will help you hear their hearts, earn their trust, and help them process their day. You’ll need less than 10 minutes to connect with your children and learn how to listen so they will be more likely to open up and talk with you.

The Four C’s Of Obedience: How To Make Learning To Obey Fun

Obedience is a foundational habit every homeschooled child should develop. When your children obey, it keeps them safe, reduces your stress, and improves your relationships. Developing the habit of obedience often feels like a struggle or battle of wills, but it doesn’t have to be! In this workshop, you will learn how to help your children want to obey, identify and remove common barriers, and how to make it fun to learn to obey.

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Crystal’s Bio

As a business owner, home educator, and former Certified Public Accountant, Crystal knows what it feels like to juggle many demands. She understands that you need a safe, judgment-free place to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and take a deep breath so you can calm the chaos and discern your next step forward.

A veteran homeschool mom with over 13 years of homeschool experience, she delights in inspiring and equipping parents to cultivate an atmosphere where they and their children can thrive. She loves supporting parents as they calm the chaos, manage their emotions, develop richer relationships, and train their children. 

Crystal is a speaker, host of the All in a Homeschool Day podcast, and certified life and homeschool coach. You can connect with Crystal and download free resources at https://www.triumphantlearning.com/resources/ 

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